Limitations Of A Smokers Life Insurance

Due to the abundance of life insurance companies most of the people started thinking that getting a life insurance is just a piece of cake. But the reality is very different from this perspective. Most of the insurance companies have imposed thousands of different limitations and requirements for their life insurance plans. If you want to get even a simple life insurance plan then you would have to pass through many tests and examinations in order to fall around inside the eligibility level of that exam. In the past most of the people got rejected due to their health issues or smoking habits, but now this is not the case as different type of health insurance plans are available for such people. Now habitual smokers can also get smokers life insurance plans but as usual there are various limitations attached with such plans.

What is a smokers life insurance?

A smokers life insurance plan is designed specifically for the smokers. But the issue is that all the insurance companies have contradictory views about the definition of a smoker. According to the common sense if we take a look at the definition of the smoker then any person who smokes a cigarette on the daily basis would be a smoker. While on the other hand if you take a look at the definition of a smoker in the smokers life insurance plan then you would be amazed to know that any person, who chews tobacco, does tobacco dipping, uses nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes, or uses patch is considered to be eligible for the smokers life insurance plan.

The insurance companies are going to see whether you use nicotine on a regular basis or not. If your body has developed a habit of consuming nicotine then you will be termed as a smoker.

Medical examination for insurance:

If you are habitual smoker then the company will have a medical examination of your overall body health. Its best not to lie about any aspect of your smoking habit. If you conceal any fact regarding your health, age, profession, or family or you lie about anything then you would be committing a fraud.

During the medical examination, you will be tested for

  • Body weight
  • Body height
  • Blood pressure
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Illnesses
  • Medical history
  • Genetic pre-dispositions

The medical examination held for the smokers will search for the presence of cotinine level in the blood of the smoker. Being the byproduct of nicotine, cotinine levels confirm whether a person falls in the category of a smoker or not. Most of the insurance companies, after having the medical examination of their smoker clients tend to rate their clients health according to the risk level. There are four different levels of health risk, according to which the smokers health will be rated: Preferred plus, Preferred, standard plus and standard.

If you are a smoker then you must keep in mind that the premiums that you have to pay for the life insurance plan would be higher than any non-smoker person. So getting cheap smokers life insurance plan is out of question unless you compare quotes of different insurance companies and choose the cheapest one from them.

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