Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella insurance is a form of liability coverage. These programs provide protection for potential lawsuits and claims. The protection provided prevents assets from being lost due to an event. Umbrella coverage is for anyone who stands to potentially lose income or assets if a claim or lawsuit is brought against them. In investing just $2oo for a plan, one can have access to $1 million or move in coverage.

How It Works

Your insurance policy has certain limits. Whenever your liability limit with your homeowner, auto and boat policy has been reached, you are responsible for the excess amount. If you have an umbrella policy, you are protected from ever having to go into personal funds to address these costs.

Different Types Of Coverage

Bodily injury coverage handles medical bills for the injured party involved in incident. An auto accident, dog bite, slip and fall accident or any other incident can be covered with a policy. Property damage liability covers damage to a person’s property such as a car, a neighbor’s property or a piece of public property. Umbrella insurance policies exist for certain professionals and can provide protection for any loss the client sustains as a result of an action taken by a policyholder.

The policy coverage is inexpensive but can be useful in a number of scenarios. If someone is injured during a visit, you don’t have to worry about having to handle medical treatment. If you cause damage to a third party’s property during the course of an accident, none of your personal assets will ever be used to recover damage if the umbrella coverage is in place. Current assets and future income aren’t pursued in the event of an accident. Having a policy on top of your existing policy provides an extraordinary amount of protection at a low cost.