Way To Get Self Storage Tenant Insurance

Self storage has turned into one of the biggest storing solutions in the American states.  Before the introduction of self storage units, most of the people were suffering from the issue of storing their items inside their house in a bulked manner. But now even the people with less residential space can easily arrange their homes as they don’t have to store their extra items inside their houses anymore. Although self storage units have solved many storing issues but these units have also raised some doubts at the same time. Most of the people do wonder about the safety of their items inside the self storage units. If you are also falling in same doubts then getting a self storage tenant insurance is going to make you feel a lot better about your stuff.

Why do you need it?

If you rely on the self storage units most of the times or for expensive items, then not getting a self storage tenant insurance can blow you off your feet with a heavy financial jerk. Most of the people don’t even remember the items they have put in their self storage units. Most of the times, people tend to show careless attitudes towards the items they have put in their self storage units. In both of the circumstances you can easily receive severe financial blow if your expensive things get stolen from your storage unit. In order to protect yourself from such financial blow, you definitely need to get an insurance equal to the total value of the items present in your storage unit.

Before going for the self storage tenant insurance, you also need to check out your renter’s insurance plan or your homeowner’s plan because the things that you have put in your storage unit might be covered in these insurance plans but if they have not been covered then you definitely need to get a separate insurance.

How to get self storage tenant insurance?

If you have rented a self storage unit then before paying the fee for the storage, you need to ask about any sort of insurance that if offered by the storage units. Most of the storage units these days do offer insurance to their tenants but this insurance is usually for the damage occurring to the storing unit. They don’t necessarily offer the insurance for the items stored in their units but if they do offer such insurance then you can get it by making a small addition to your storage unit fee.

On the other hand, if the storage units are not offering such facility then you can easily get a private insurance from any insurance company. You must keep in mind that even if your storage unit is offering you with insurance for your items then still when you are storing the items of high value in your storage unit, you would need to get a private insurance.


Self storage tenant insurance provides coverage to any item that has been stored in the storage unit; it includes all the valuables or cheap stuff. But the cars or auto vehicles are not included in this insurance plan.

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