Motorcycle Insurance Policies

The Importance Of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance protects the motorcycle rider from personally paying for any damage inflicted to another person and their property in any unforeseen event. Depending on the coverage, the motorcyclist and the vehicle may also be covered if damaged or stolen.

This insurance covers the motorcycle rider and his or her motorcycle as well as other people and their vehicles. The types of motorcycles that are covered include street bikes, custom bikes, cruisers, choppers, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, touring and sports bikes, vintage or antique bikes, motor cross bikes, off-road bikes and all-terrain bikes.

Motorcyclists pay premiums monthly, quarterly, or a one lump payment. Premiums are generally discounted in the winter due to decreased motorcycle riding, which is great. In addition, many policies provide year round coverage with premiums only paid from March to October.

Discounted rates are available for safe riders with a good driving history, motorcycle club members and those who have completed a motorcycle safety course. Discounts are also given when insuring multiple motorcycles or having Auto, Life or Home insurance with the same company.

There are different coverage options to choose from when it comes to Motorcycle insurance. Basic liability pays for any injury or damages caused by the insured motorcycle rider. Comprehensive insurance pays for fire, theft and vandalism of the insured’s bike. Collision will cover the costs to repair or replace the insured’s bike if it is damaged or stolen no matter if it was the insured’s fault or not. Uninsured and under-insured coverage pays for medical attention, lost wages and damages if the other person involved in an accident does not have quality insurance or is not covered in general.

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of being involved in accidents due to other drivers not noticing them, road conditions and lack of protection. The major benefit of having Motorcycle insurance is that the insured will pay less from his or her own pocket for bodily injury or damage to their motorcycle or anyone else involved.